Effective Volto#

Effective Plone 6 Volto is intended as a training to learn proven practices of Plone development. It's both, an online course and a sketch for an on-the-spot training.

The goal of this training is to provide a “Swiss army knife” to developers that still don’t have enough confidence to start a client project with Volto.

The training will cover essential concepts, as well as good practices and notions of how Volto works under the hood. Tips and tricks will be also covered, providing a good amount of insights for those who want to learn more beyond the Volto basics.

This training is intended for an intermediate/advanced audience that already has some contact with Volto and tried it out, or has a decent amount of experience with it.

Effective Volto

Please note that this document is not complete without the spoken word of a trainer.

We attempt to include the most important parts of what we teach in the training. But reading it here can not be considered equal to attending a training.