gatsby-starter-plone comes with gatsby-source-plone already configured and setup with all the functionality and also includes some additional helpful features.

This makes sure you do not spend too much time on the configuration and can focus directly on building your site.

Let us try out the gatsby-source-plone plugin with our gatsby-starter-plone to instantly kickstart GatsbyJS development with Plone.

With the GatsbyJS CLI installed, start up with:

gatsby new gatsby-plone-training

This will setup a GatsbyJS project in the gatsby-plone-training folder with gatsby-source-plone setup already, along with a couple of useful extra features.

To see the starter along with the plugin in action, run the following commands and navigate to http://localhost:8000.

cd gatsby-plone-training
gatsby develop

Yes! We have a GatsbyJS site sourced from a Plone site up and running.

Take time exploring the static site generated by GatsbyJS and compare it to the Plone site at

Notice that we have tried to keep them as similar as possible.