3. Introduction#

3.1. Who are you?#

Tell us about yourselves:

  • Name, company, country...

  • What is your Plone experience?

  • What is your web development experience?

  • What are your expectations for this training?

  • What is your favorite text editor?

3.2. Classroom Protocol#


  • Stop us and ask questions when you have them!

  • Tell us if we speak too fast, too slow or not loud enough.

  • One of us is always there to help you if you are stuck. Please give us a sign if you are stuck.

  • We'll take some breaks, the first one will be at XX.

  • Where is food, restrooms

  • Someone please record the time we take for each chapter (incl. title)

  • Someone please write down errors

  • Contact us after the training: mailto:team@starzel.de

Questions to ask:

  • What did you just say?

  • Please explain what we just did again?

  • How did that work?

  • Why didn't that work for me?

  • Is that a typo?

Questions __not__ to ask:

  • Hypotheticals: What happens if I do X?

  • Research: Can Plone do Y?

  • Syllabus: Are we going to cover Z in class?

  • Marketing questions: please just don't.

  • Performance questions: Is Plone fast enough?

  • Unpythonic: Why doesn't Plone do it some other way?

  • Show off: Look what I just did!

3.3. Documentation#

Follow the training at https://training.plone.org/.


You can use this presentation to copy & paste the code but you will memorize more if you type yourself.

3.4. Further Reading#