TTW Theming III: Make It Reproducible#

You created your shiny brand new theme TTW.


For more TTW (Through-The-Web) configuring and customizing options, see "Through-The-Web" Plone Customization.

Now, let's see how you can re-use it in another Plone site.

  1. Go back to Theming control panel.

  2. Click the Download button in the box of your theme.

  3. The browser will download a zip file.

  4. Go to the ZMI root.

  5. Create a new Plone site.

  6. Go to the Theming control panel in that new Plone site.

  7. Click on the Upload zip file button and select your downloaded theme.

  8. Tick Immediately enable new theme and click on Import.

  9. Go back to your Plone site: voilá!