8. Edit config and site cleanup#

8.1. site cleanup#

Before we want to add our first Volto Block we want to get rid of most of all the blocks from the Volto default frontpage. You can delete those blocks in edit mode by using the trashcan symbol. You will notice that you will be able to delete all blocks except the title block. That is because it is set as "required" in the Volto default configuration. To change this you will have to amend this.


Make sure you save your page after deleting all Blocks and before editing the config

8.2. Making the Title block deletable#

The config will be located inside the config.js folder in your projects src directory. Iside you will find the following code:

// All your imports required for the config here BEFORE this line
import '@plone/volto/config';
export default function applyConfig(config) {
  // Add here your project's configuration here by modifying `config` accordingly

To enable removing the title block you only need to add the following line to override the original requiredBlocks array inside the applyConfig function:

config.blocks.requiredBlocks = [];


You can find all default configurations in your ommelette/src/config/.