What Is GatsbyJS#

GatsbyJS is a modern static site generator for React.

It uses a stack of cutting-edge technologies:

  • Babel

  • ReactJS

  • Webpack

  • GraphQL

Combining these technologies together, GatsbyJS allows developers to develop their websites with modern best practices and tools:

  • Code splitting, responsive images, etc

  • Componentization

  • Hot reloading

  • One-directional data flow

  • ES6 + ES7 automatically transpiled

  • PWA

GatsbyJS sets up a project using the latest technologies, pulling data from almost any source, and generating a static site. It can be done either by whipping together a couple of GatsbyJS plugins, or by using a starter project with all its default configuration.

That is how it is developer friendly. It has a lot of benefits practically, too. Static sites mean you do not need to worry about complex server setup, maintenance, and scaling. Instead you can put GatsbyJS components into a CDN, making the site available as quickly as possible to the users, wherever they are.