13. Can I talk to the supervisor?#

Miscellaneous topics that are related to Plone and WSGI but do not fit anywhere else (yet).

13.1. Install Plone using pip#

The official Zope documentation provides instructions on how to install Zope with pip. It uses pip's -c option to specify a constraints.txt file that contains the version information (the known good set of package versions), similar to versions.cfg in zc.buildout. This is at the moment not possible with Plone because of a bug in z3c.autoinclude. z3c.autoinclude is not capable of resolving module paths of pip installed packages. See this pull request for some information.

13.2. Protocols other than HTTP (FTP, WebDAV, ...)#

Currently there is no straightforward way for using protocols other than HTTP in a Plone WSGI setup, FTP and WebDAV being the most important ones. See plone/Products.CMFPlone#2537.