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General Advises#


When providing static resources (JS/Less/CSS) for Plone 5 resource registry, use plone.resource based resources instead of Zope browser resources. The latter are cached heavily and you won't get your changes built with Zope resources.


A bundle can depend on another. This is mainly used for the order of inclusion in the rendered content. Currently, it doesn't hook in the require JavaScript dependency mechanism.

This means, each bundle gets all their dependencies compiled in, which raise the response payload unnecessarily. To avoid this, add your resources to existing bundles, like the plone bundle.


The mockup grunt infrastructure is build with a convention over configuration approach in mind.

It is actually very picky about a lot of things: locations of your bundle files, location of your bundle LESS files, location of your pattern JavaScript and LESS files and the require JavaScript IDs of those.

Bundles have to be named mockup-bundles-BUNDLENAME, patterns have to be named mockup-patterns-PATTERNNAME.


There is currently no API to build JavaScript and Less resources programmatically after importing them. Both build steps need the Client side RequireJS respectively Less compilers.

The resources are downloaded to your browser, compiled there and re-upload to the Plone server, where they are stored in ZODB as plone.resource <>`_ resources.

We can pre-build everything using standard JavaScript and Less development frameworks, e.g. via mockup's Grunt infrastructure.


About this training
Training Agenda

Framework Tools Create Mockup Pattern Integrate Other (Non-Mockup based) JavaScript



Preparing for the training
About JavaScript, Mockup, Patternslib and Plone 5

History of everything, What's what.

Installation Mockup

Development environment

JavaScript and editor support Code Linter Grunt Bower Testing

Whirlwind tour through Mockup, Patternslib and JavaScript in Plone 5

Short explanation of the code tree / main modules: Mockup Patternslib Plone 5

Developing a Pattern
A Barebone Pattern

Based on collective.minimalpattern

Pattern explained

Adding a bower.json dependency

Testing the Pattern

Integrating the Pattern

Integration in Plone 5 Integration in Plone 4 Integration in Mockup w/out Plone

No-Pattern JavaScript in Plone

The require JS (JavaScript) way

The old, require JS-less way

Using other Frameworks in Plone

Angular JS React JS

Comparison to other frameworks

Patternslib and Web Components Patternslib and React Components Patternslib and Angular JS directives Plone and ES 6