3. Project requirements#

Our hands-on exercise is to recreate the current iteration of plone.org or rather a set of parts of the site that are suited different ways you can use volto. The screenshot below shows the current (2022 just before Plone conf) frontpage of plone.org. The red markings indicate the different sections of the website that we will be creating or customizing including the header, navigation, highlight element, downlodad teaser and news listing:

plone.com theme

3.1. Tasks#

These are the tasks we will go through:

  • Set up CSS basics

  • Create the header and the footer

  • Create a prominent highlight element that links to the Plone conf website

  • Create a block that links to the plone download page

  • Create new listing block template to show event items in a grid like view with buttons on the side

3.2. Training ressources and assets#

There are a few files, mostly images, that you will need to recreate for the plone.org page. They are currently available from this Google Drive folder.